To attach your new GameKlip™ to your controller:

1. Slide the GameKlip™ onto the Dualshock3 so the screen portion is perpendicular to the face of the controller.

2. Pull the hook on the bottom around the front of the controller until it snaps in place.

3. Slide your phone in from above.

4. To remove, reverse the process.

To pair your controller to your device via a wired connection:

1. Plug the included cable into your phone then into the controller

2. Press the center button (with the playstation logo on it), a selection box should appear on your home screen and you should be able to select icons with the left joystick. If this doesn't happen, try resetting your phone, disconnecting the controller, or charging the controller from any powered USB port.

3. You're ready to play! Some emulators may require you to map your buttons to your game buttons via the in game options. Games with native controller support will already have their buttons mapped and ready to go!

If you're having issues, please check the troubleshooting guide here:

To charge your controller via the charging dongle included in the wired package:

1. Plug your cable into any powered USB 2.0 or 3.0 port.

2. Plug your controller into the other side of the cable.

Please feel free to contact me with questions!

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