Does my phone support a wired connection to the Dualshock3 controller?

Check out the compatibility guide, I have tested most current generation phones for the major US carriers!

Does my phone support a wireless connection to the Dualshock3 controller?

You can easily test out a wireless connection by downloading the free Sixaxis Compatibility Checker available on Google Play. The Sixaxis Controller app will be required for wireless play.

What games work with a wired connection to my DualShock3 controller?

The list of games that support a controller natively is growing rapidly. A list of some of the more popular ones can be found here:


Users have also reported that their DualShock3 controller works great with N64, Playstation, SNES, GameBoy Advance, GameBoy, NES, and MAME emulators available on Google Play.

Where did the wired and wireless variants go?

The only difference between the two variants was the wired version came with cables for wired play. I found that most people that ordered the wireless model either didn't realize the cables weren't included (and were unhappy, or wanted the cables after-all for wireless pairing or wired play. To provide the best overall experience, and give everyone the option of wired or wireless play, I've removed the wired and wireless variants and now include the cables in every package.

If my phone isn't compatible with a wired connection, why would I want the wires?

The cables included can be used for wired play with compatible devices. If your device isn't compatible with a wired connection, the cables will still be necessary to pair your controller to your phone wirelessly. The charging cable will also still be useful for charging your controller when not in use.

Does it work with the iPhone 4 /4s /5? When is it coming to iPhone? I love my iPhone!

Unfortunately iOS doesn't support the DualShock3 controller at this time. If Apple decides to add support in the future I may be able to make a GameKlip™ to fit it. There are no plans for an iPhone version at this time.

What does the cable look like? Are you sure it doesn't get in the way?

The wired variant now comes with a new proprietary cable made and sized specifically for the GameKlip™. There are photos of the wired variants available on each product page.

Will I have to take my case off or will my phone fit with it on?

The Galaxy S3 GameKlip™ is made to fit your bare phone snugly and securely. Some thick "wet" screen protectors may not be compatible with a GameKlip.

Do you make a GameKlip™ for my Xbox controller?

Unfortunately the Xbox controller doesn't use a wireless frequency that's compatible with other devices. There are no plans for an Xbox version at this time.

Where is the GameKlip made?

The GameKlip is made in the United States and assembled just a few minutes from Seattle!

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! I ship worldwide via USPS. Shipping charges and transit times can be estimated after you place items in your cart.

"This is so cool! You should patent this!"

Thank you! I have already started the patent process.

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