The new GameKlip™ is here!

The new GameKlip™ is here! Sleeker, precision molded, and retail ready. 

The GameKlip™ is now offered in two variants. The familiar mount for the Galaxy SIII, as well as a new universal mount called the CaseMount. The CaseMount GameKlip™ uses an industrial strength adhesive strip to permanently attach to a "spare" case for your device. The result is a sleek and sturdy GameKlip™ for any phone! If you don't have a spare case, I now offer a growing selection of cases for popular phones like the Note 2 for under three dollars.

The new GameKlip™ is made with a special, incredibly strong, blend of premium plastic; similar to the materials used in bullet proof glass. It's even more durable than the original! The "wired kit" has now been replaced by a custom made, one of a kind, cable that connects your phone directly to your controller without any adapters. The new GameKlip™ is now available for immediate shipment.

Thank you to everyone who's supported the GameKlip™! Without you the GameKlip™ would never have made it this far!

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